Vicious competition in the flooring industry so hard to survive its own brand

In the flooring industry , flooring product homogeneity is more serious, and even marketing strategy also copied everywhere covered with the wind , a promotion, one thousand promotional phenomenon is already common, this is not only to give consumers the aesthetic fatigue , but also to major companies a headache.

But the ” plagiarism” in the flooring industry has formed a trend in many business-to- floor numb when plagiarism , copying the way the market is also beginning to show diversity.

Design Plagiarism

Nine are building networks learned today , there will be ” imitation, plagiarism ” Such words within any industry , of course , the flooring industry is no exception. With flooring products style, style , kind of growing, riding the momentum of plagiarism wind intensified development of the flooring industry , the way more and more abundant , but the most common floor design plagiarism .

Floor design plagiarism they choose to use a legal solution , but with the growing trend of plagiarism lawsuit Sheng and tedious , flooring makers have begun to “copy” numb when the attitude is transformed into acquiescence , and even feeling of being ” copied ” is ” a pride thing .” There are more business executives said their products are copied, the upgrading of products help companies innovate .

Copy marketing practices

Floor design was copied, flooring makers have acquiesced to this kind of ” hidden rules” , and now marketing practices have been infinitely replicated . A flooring company to launch a theme sales activities , there are several other immediately after another into the sky, and some even singing or Taiwan .

Copy the brush fully emerge

From design to be copied, imitated peer marketing practices to peer advertising theft, plagiarism began to slowly penetrate into every aspect of the flooring industry . Faced with a windfall of ” plagiarism” , then acquiesced to deal with, and then maybe later there is no need to think about new ideas effortlessly , try to think how this plagiarism .

Plagiarism can make a floor brings a profit , but it will eventually kill blindly copying their own brands , the brand hinder innovation . Copied from the design to the promotional practices of plagiarism , the entire flooring industry blinded in a dark environment , the vicious competition in the industry to make more independent brands to survive. For companies to be copied , but also to learn to be brave to take up legal weapons to protect their own property rights, safeguard the healthy development of the industry.decks with composite decking
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