the development of the flooring industry matures

At this stage, the development of the flooring industry matures, the service has gradually become a major factor in the competition between the flooring business , consumer demand for flooring products are not just for its durability , but more is to buy the branded products services.

Services are actually kind of investment companies

Many companies charge the retail end , the thought of the service they think dispersion of limited resources , we expect investment and costs , so that is not a sigh , shaking his head , did not want to go down after this problem , in the end, in the flooring business and its natural stores as the lack of customer service.

They should ask themselves is: the service is to be sure to put yourself , you can not integrate suppliers of resources and capabilities it? Those services will focus on a certain deviation from the operation of the market and customers , do not even work with full back support , and even stores a corresponding increase in staff and delays in their daily job? Service is free of charge and not necessarily lead directly off detain a guest even make money?

In fact, there is a word of widespread “customer is the only more you use , the more assets ,” we should see that the service is not a cost but as an investment, a way to attract and business customers, retain customers increase customer dedication persistent consumption value of investment in the retail floor to create more advanced enterprise competitiveness.

The service means companies need to rise to the business strategy

Another case of the above is talking about relative , thinking the service , his mouth talking about services , stores and even corporate headquarters real service is also not speaking minority. But, most of them in terms of floor terminal stores , service is service marketing, service is a marketing tool. So , you will find their services persistent lack of planning , lack of systematic and normality .

Service may not be like that. Since it is the relative price war , campaign war …… more advanced competitive , or competitive , you should enter the retail end of the business strategy category of enterprises, up to the ” general manager of the project ” in height , from a higher -level planning facilities , correction , improvement, improvement. building garden fence
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